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How to change your Tumblr blog avatar

4th Dec, 2012 by Cam

Updated April 2015

Tumblr have made it surprisingly difficult to change your blog avatar (profile picture). If you are having trouble changing the avatar for your Tumblr blog, follow these easy steps.

How do I change my Tumblr profile pic?

Step 1

Go to (you need to be logged in), or click on the settings icon (it looks like a little gear cog)…

Step 2

Click the ‘Edit appearance’ button on the top right of the settings panel

Step 3

Click on your current profile picture (it has a little pencil icon over it)…

Step 5

Click ‘Choose a photo’ in the little white popup box that comes up…

Step 5

Choose your photo from you computer. You can drag a photo right into the popup box, or click to upload…

Step 6

Click anywhere outside of the little white popup box…

Step 7

Hit the ‘save’ button at the top right…

Blam! You’re done :) Please follow me on Tumblr if you found this useful.

updated 04/03/2014