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The Draft: my Dribbble invite competition

11th Sep, 2013 by Cam

Recently I launched the first design competition I have ever been involved in. The purpose of which was to choose the best people (I had never met) to offer the 5 invites Dribbble had given me.

I wanted to create a competition based on the ones I had seen on Dribbble, only with a slightly different flavour. The idea was to create a few hurdles for entry, so that I could weed out anyone who wasn’t really serious about hunting down an invite. Why did I do this? Simply, I wanted others to share the same experience I had when hunting down an invite.

Zen and the Art of Design

When I decided I really needed to be posting on Dribbble, I was at a turning point in my career that translated into being more publicly visible as myself, rather than nameless behind any brand. I needed to take life and career more seriously. I needed a dose of zen simplicity in the way I communicated this with others. Dribbble’s approach was an important ideology shift. At least in my eyes.

Other People Are Important

The other impetus for this competition was that I had actually found it really difficult to get hold of a Dribbble invite. I wanted to make sure that talented designers who were at the point where they were willing to do some serious searching for an invite had the opportunity I did. The person who gave me this opportunity was Pontus Abrahamsson, whom I am very thankful to. Thanks Pontus!

For me this process has been great fun, and an awesome way to meet fellow designers, who are also serious about getting out there and communicating their ideas with others. There is so much reward in connecting with others.

At the time of writing this, I have 2 invites left. If you want to get hold of one, join my competition at The Draft

If you are on Dribbble, I would love if you follow me :)